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Denise Hollway

I’m Denise Hollway, a pelvic health physiotherapist dedicated to working with women who are courageously reclaiming their pelvic health, mobility, strength and sexual pleasure. 

My journey into pelvic health began when I faced my own physical challenges: a spine injury while working as a physiotherapist, and a subsequent pelvic floor injury during childbirth at the age of 25. The struggle to understand and heal my own injuries brought me to the transformative benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy. Pelvic floor physiotherapy played a pivotal role in alleviating my back and hip pain, enhancing sexual intimacy, and addressing the effects of aging on these injuries. It also became a career path that I am passionate about and led me to further focused education regarding the peri to post menopause transition and pelvic health sexuality counseling and education.

My work philosophy is a testament to my personal journey—I encourage my patients to feel their bodies, discern what needs strengthening, and identify areas that require relaxation or movement. My ultimate goal is to empower my patients to embrace the changes in their bodies, move confidently without concerns of leakage and pain, and rediscover pleasure in life on their terms.

My whole body and empathetic approach to pelvic health physiotherapy reflects not just my professional expertise but also my genuine commitment to helping women lead fulfilling lives, free from physical constraints and leaking. My motto has become “your body, your story, your journey”—true for me and true for my clients.

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