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Denise Hollway

I’m Denise Hollway, a pelvic health physiotherapist dedicated to working with women who are courageously reclaiming their pelvic health, mobility, strength and sexual pleasure.

My journey into pelvic health began when I faced my own physical challenges: a spine injury while working as a physiotherapist, and a subsequent pelvic floor injury during childbirth at the age of 25. The struggle to understand and heal my own injuries brought me to the transformative benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy. Pelvic floor physiotherapy played a pivotal role in alleviating alleviating stress and urge incontinence, back and hip pain, enhancing sexual intimacy, and addressing the effects of aging on these injuries. It also became a career path that I am passionate about and led me to further focused education regarding the peri to post menopause transition and pelvic health sexuality counseling and education.


What do I offer?

Peri to post menopause care

These sessions address any concerns about urine or stool leaking, heaviness in your pelvic floor, vaginal dryness, frequent bladder urge/frequency and pain with sexual intimacy. There are many factors that affect these symptoms such as a weak pelvic floor and inner core, a decline in hormonal levels as well as lifestyle issues such as sleep, stress, nutrition, and physical activity levels.

Pre and Post Natal care

Learn to connect with and maximize your pelvic floor and inner core function to manage pregnancy discomfort, prepare for labour and delivery and optimize your post birth recovery.  Once you have healed from delivery,  we can meet again to assess your inner core and pelvic floor function to support you to to resume movement and intimacy on your own terms and timeline.

Pelvic Health Assessment

Find answers to common questions about the assessment of pelvic health concerns from the menopause transition, to support in pregnancy and post-partum recovery,  pelvic pain, prolapse, and incontinence.

Group Program 2024

Learn to move in menopause

Program Location:
Kindful Psychology 8A Cumberland St. North – Suite 201
Thunder Bay, ON, P7A 4K9

Next Program :

Oct 15-Nov 26, 2024

6:30 -8:00 pm


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Low Back Pain and Peri-menopause

In 2009, after 4 years of part time study,  I graduated with a Master’s degree with back pain, weight gain and a bladder that was leaking.  I was 48. My back pain reached the point that when I got up in the morning I was bent over from stiffness in my hips and back. I remember thinking ‘I feel like an old woman.’

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