Core Connections

Pre and Post Natal Care

Learn to connect with and maximize your pelvic floor and inner core function to manage pregnancy discomfort, prepare for labour and delivery and optimize your post birth recovery.  Once you have healed from delivery,  we can meet again to assess your inner core and pelvic floor function to support you to to resume movement and intimacy on your own terms and timeline.

Pre and Post Natal Care

Pregnancy Support

The focus of these sessions is to provide you with the tools you need to maintain  an active lifestyle in pregnancy, maximize your  pelvic floor function for pregnancy and delivery, and provide options for improving comfort during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

During these sessions, the focus is on breathing to connect you to your inner core muscles which include your pelvic floor muscles. This type of breathing is helpful to relax your pelvic floor if you are experiencing pelvic girdle discomfort during pregnancy. It is also helpful in preparing for labour. Remember the job of the pelvic floor is to let the baby come through so the more relaxed the pelvic floor is the better.  Practicing focused relaxed breathing at rest and with activity and movement is a useful habit to include as you prepare for birth.

Pre and Post Natal Care

Post Baby Recovery

During pregnancy there is no need to do any type of physiotherapy internal pelvic assessment. You can expect an assessment of how you are breathing, moving and using your inner core to support your growing baby as well as maintain your desired activity level that is comfortable for you.

After your baby is home and you have healed from the delivery, it may be helpful for you to have a pelvic health assessment.  This can happen any time after 6 weeks from the delivery of your baby and when you have the energy and time to book an appointment. During this visit I will assess your inner core and pelvic floor as well as your abdominal wall based on your comfort level (see below).

My goal is for you to have all your questions answered and address any concerns about urine or stool leaking, heaviness in your pelvic floor or abdominal separation while you are recovering from childbirth. Many women have questions about when to start physical activity or sexual intimacy. My answer is always ‘when you are ready’ as there is no timeline other than your own.  I am there to support you to begin to resume movement and intimacy on your own terms and timeline.

Pre and Post Natal Care

What to Expect

My initial visits are 1 hour in length because we need time for me to hear your whole history as well as your goals for your body. Of course, it will always be your choice about how much you would like to share with me.

I book subsequent visit for 40 or 50 minutes as learning to move and feel your body takes time.

Pre and Post Natal Care

Pelvic Floor Exams

Do you need to have a pelvic floor exam? This is always your choice.

My goal is to assess how your inner core and pelvic floor muscles are working together and how they may be contributing to leaking, painful sex, low back and hip pain or vaginal pressure. We agree on the best way for you to feel the muscles and tissues, based on your comfort level.

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Pelvic Floor and Inner Core Screening

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