Denise Hollway Stretching

Learn to Move in Menopause Program

Participants Feedback

Denise provided a comfortable atmosphere for learning about all the topics and asking questions. The information was comprehensive and the research was current. Denise also provided both sides of controversial findings so that the participants could decide for themselves whether they wanted to explore a topic further or not.’

I really enjoyed your program. My favorite was probably doing the exercises as it kept me consistently and correctly repeating them. And it was relaxed, no stress while we were learning and repeating them. ( and for me less stress is something I’m working on) …And had to share that I was out running in the backyard with the dog yesterday and did not feel my bladder pulling at all or feel the urge to pee. It was fantastic!  The exercises seem to be helping a lot.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the program and learned a lot. I would recommend it to others 

Thank you!

I am now [only] getting up to use bathroom at night 1x. A couple of nights I didn’t have to go at all! I haven’t limited my water intake at all. I seem to have less urges during day and notice I can hold it sometimes until I get to bathroom…Pain in my hip is gone.